About us

Where do we start?

My wife and I started this journey four years ago. We found ourselves being really busy with our newborn daughter and wanted to live healthy lifestyles and feel good too.

We are both pharmacists and started working hard in the kitchen. We experimented with many different superfoods, on how we can blend them together to get the right mix to ensure we get the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs daily. 

We have grown organically since, sharing our blends and recipes with friends and family over the years. Its taken alot of courage and hard work (having fun on the journey too!) to do this but we want to share our blends with the world. We are launching with three blends to start, and many more are in the pipeline. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.


What is Vita nutrients?

Vita nutrients came from our own passion of pure food coupled with our pharmacy background. Vita nutrients is about food being in its purest form. We are organically certified and do not add any preservatives, flavourings or fillers to any of our products. We aim to keep our blends simple and pure, always using the finest organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and packed in biodegradable packaging.

The blends have been developed over the last three years with the aim to live a healthier life through natural sources.

We always aim to give back, and a proportion of every sale is given to charity to help provide food and water for children around the world.