Its launch day!

Its launch day and we are really excited about sharing our products with the world! This is how we got here and what we are all about.

Our Journey

It all started three years ago when we had a new addition to our family and found ourselves being really busy and run down. We wanted to make a change and live healthier. Thats where it all started. We started working meticulously in the kitchen experimenting with different types of foods and blends, in the end we developed various powdered recipes to be added to food. Since then we have never looked back. We have had ups and downs, tears and joys and the odd curve ball along our journey, but most importantly it has been fun! Since starting we have grown organically since sharing our blends with friends and family, now we are sharing them with you. We are launching with three of our signature blends with many more in the pipeline.

What is Vita Nutrients?

Vita nutrients is our own passion of healthy living coupled with our pharmacy background. We want people to live a healthier life through natural sources. We are very excited about sharing our blends with the world, but we also strongly believe to look after the planet we live on to. All of our ingredients are Organic, our packaging is biodegradable and with every sale we donate a portion to charities around the world that provide food and water for children!

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Thank you for taking your time to read this (it really means a lot to us) If you like what we are all about please like, follow and share on social media platforms. However if there is anything you feel we could add to make our services better get in touch with us we would love to hear from you. 


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